Monday, August 17, 2009

Conviction...From a Sunrise?!

Sunrise in the Magic Valley, Idaho

Well as the title says, I was deeply convicted by the sunrise this morning. I will explain my thought process that I had this morning and it will weave in to my conviction.

As I was driving to my first stop this morning I was preparing myself to start my time of prayer (I have about a forty-minute drive.) One thing I really enjoy, is seeing God's handiwork in each of His sunrises. Today's was magnificent, as usual. The clouds looked like they were drawn across the sky by a wide brush. The color of the sky near the horizon was a fiery orange, with reddish hues being cast on the clouds. When the sun broke over the horizon it came with blazing glory.

I started to think about power of God and how creation unfalteringly obeys His commands to create such a masterpiece. God commanded the earth to be tilted at the perfect amount for their to be different seasons. God commands the earth to be at a perfect distance in orbit around the sun to allow for life to thrive on the earth. God commands the sun's explosions to produce life sustaining energy and light. He commands all this and the creation obeys. He commands the earth to rotate, which produces the sunrise. The atmosphere refracts light just as commanded to shine through the dust that has perfectly obeyed to give the sky its fiery color. God gave wisdom and knowledge to the person who made my glasses that allow my eye to clearly see all that I saw. This is where I paused and came to see my sin, weak and feeble faith in God's faithfulness.

I was planning on confessing my lack of faith, but God brought it to the forefront of my mind right there and then. A little background, I have been starting to stress a little about some changes coming up. We have another little one on the way, we will soon need to find a better and or bigger place to live and to top it all off, my work is reorganizing everyone's jobs and I have to interview for some positions this week. Their is a lot of uncertainty coming up, one thing I do not like. I already knew that God has always provided for my little family. We may not have an abundance but we have always had enough and have not lacked. I had no reason to worry and I was going to confess and repent, until the Holy Spirit wanted to give me a better perspective.

At this point I was crushed and tears came to my eyes. God saw this vile, small, God-hating, blasphemous rebel and instead of snuffing out my little meaningless and God-opposing life, He caused me to be regenerated and born again! And yet He still puts up with my sin as I struggle with my flesh everyday, oh wretched man that I am! But I know their is no condemnation for those who are in Christ, He sees us as perfect even though we are not yet perfect. What right do I have to worry?! How arrogant of an attitude. Look at the birds of the air and the lilies of the field are they not clothed and fed? Will God not take care of those that He has adopted as sons?

Father, forgive me for my lack of faith!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Does This Offend You? It's Truth...

Saturday, August 15, 2009

God's Loving and Sovereign Hand

Well I thought I would start off with the highlight of the summer for our little family. About a week ago we found out that God has blessed us with another little life! We are so very happy and surprised about this.

Jenn and I have been incredibly blessed. For those of you who do not know our story, I will give you a brief overview. We tried for four and a half years to conceive our son. We went from one heartbreaking month to another. Every time Jenn was late, our hopes soared only to have them come crashing back down shortly afterward. We scrounged up money when we could and went to the doctor to try to figure out what the issue was. The doctors were never able to give us a definite answer about what was causing us not to conceive. (We were not saved at this point.) We thought we were never going to be able to have a child, so we tried putting it out of our minds as best we could

In the fall of 2007, God caused Jenn and I to be born again. In November we found out that God blessed us with a child! Please note, I am not a proponent of "Come to Jesus, and life will be better." We were, and still are, convinced that God had kept Jenn's womb closed until the preordained time, namely our salvation. Looking back, we are convinced that that we were in no position to have a child. We struggled to stay married, to eat, and pay bills.

So, now coming back to the present. God has again shown us his sovereignty in our lives. It took us four and a half years to conceive, we always thought that to have another child might take just as long, or never happen. We sure were wrong. I have come to see that this can not be anything but God's hand at work in our lives presently and in the past.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Will Be Back Soon!

I am very sorry to all of you who follow my blog! I have had an quite an eventful summer. Virtually every night I am exhausted, my job gets very busy in the summer (and hot.) I have many things that I have been wanted to blog about but have been too tired (mentally and physically.) I have some big news that some of you already know. I will try to get a new postout by Sunday!

Thank you for your patience!